Tips to Clean and Lubricate Bike Chain to Increase Their Longevity


Do you love riding motorbikes? So, if you are a proud motorbike owner, keeping it in good shape is of utmost importance. A well-maintained bike can give you the best experience. Cleaning the bike regularly and thorough bike chain maintenance will ensure a smooth ride. Maintaining a bike is not difficult. All you need is to lubricate bike chain and clean its exterior routinely.

The bike chain is one of its essential parts. It consists of several rollers, links, and plates. The chain also accommodates the moving parts, enabling it to run the bike smoothly. A dirty bike chain will slow you down and hamper the riding quality. So, maintaining these bike accessories using the best vehicle cleaning products is essential. 

How To Clean and Lubricate Bike Chain?

You may clean the bike chains using bike wash shampoo and lubricate them to ensure the bike moves around smoothly and reliably. Here are some easy steps if you are unaware of the correct steps to clean and lubricate bike chain.

Figure the Type of Bike Chain

The ways to clean the grime off the chains will depend on their type. Usually, a plain motorbike chain comes with a metal-on-metal link without any seal. These types of plain chains require aggressive cleaning compared to sealed chains. The sealed motorbike chain uses a rubber seal between the outer and inner links. 

Get your bike into position

Lubricating and cleaning a motorbike chain is a comparatively easy process. The process will become easier if it has a centre stand. You can even use a paddock stand too. Both options enable free spinning of the rear wheel and its chain. So, it will enable you to apply the chain cleaner and efficiently lubricate bike chain. After cleaning one section, move to the other part. The other alternative is to remove the motorbike chain and work on it separately. 

Examine the Motorcycle Chain

Before you start cleaning and lubricating the motorbike chain, ensure to examine it thoroughly. Ensure that the bike’s chain does not have any friction. If it has, perhaps you need to replace it with a new one. The motorbike manual handbook will have a specific maximum length of the given number of links of the bike chain. 

When the number of chain links is longer than it’s supposed to be, perhaps it’s worn out and needs replacement. Next, put the motorbike on a paddock stand to take the wheel off the ground. Rotate the rear wheels and inspect the chain.

Clean the Chain

Both the chain and the surrounding region must be clean. To start, you may wash the dirt away with clean water. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to clean your fender. Using a chain cleanser or solvent might be beneficial if your chain is unclean. Purchase an O-ring chain-safe cleaner.

Fill your chain to the brim with chain cleanser or cleaning oil. Continue to rotate your rear tyre to move the chain and clean the entire length of it thoroughly. If you’re using a chain cleaner, allow it to soak into the dirt for a few minutes. Then, clean your chain with a chain brush or an old toothbrush. Then, thoroughly clean your chain under running water. Avoid getting solvents on your tyres at all costs.

Lubricate the Chain

Next, set up your space with drop cloths or new newspapers. You should use extra caution to avoid getting spray lubricants on your tyres. If this occurs, remove it by giving your tyres a good cleaning. If not, it could cause slipping while riding.

While rotating the back tyre, thoroughly coat your chain with oil or lubricate bike chain as directed by the instructions. Continue turning the wheel while applying the lubricant to the chain to ensure it coats all the necessary parts.

These links aid in preserving the grease in a pin and bushing cavity. It aids in keeping out grit from the roads. The motorbike chain will last longer thanks to this design, but it requires gentle cleaning. 

When Must You Replace the Motorcycle Chain?

A worn-out motorbike chain may show specific symptoms such as jerks or rattling noises while riding. When left unattended, in most cases, you must replace its sprockets too. You may check if the bike chain needs a replacement or not. So, make sure to lubricate bike chain on time to increase its longevity.  

As already mentioned earlier, maintaining a bike chain is relatively easy. The user manual will also help to know when and how often you must clean the chain. If you often ride in dirty or wet conditions, you can do the cleaning regularly. Some bikers clean their bike immediately after riding through the rain to prevent rusting of the metal components. 

Finally, cleaning and lubricating the bike chain can positively affect your riding quality. It can help you ride smoothly and cause less wear and tear. So, ensure you are properly maintaining your bike using quality products from They are one of the best online marketplaces offering safe and affordable products to clean and lubricate bike chain

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