How is a Mechanical Keyboard  Different From Other Keyboards and What is the Keyboard Price in Pakistan?


Recorded information shows that the first computer was produced in 1945 by Charles Babbage. The fact that the computer in question is larger than the average human shows just how advanced technology is today. At the same time, although some functions in computers belong to the past, some functiotns have survived to this day. The keyboard, which is one of the integral parts of the computer, has dozens of different types today. There are varieties like mechanical, gaming, wireless, and some of them stand out. So We Provide best Keyboard Price in Pakistan?

What is a mechanical keyboard? what does he do

The mechanical keyboard is one of the oldest types of keyboards in use today. These models, believed to be from the 1980s, basically work on the same principle as typewriters. So much so that these models have a separate mechanical key for each key in the game. Thus, each key has its own mechanical key. Since there is a separate switch for each key, it is often preferred by PC gamers.


Types of mechanical keyboards are often referred to as audio hardware. Because most models make a loud click during use. Thanks to products developed in recent years, this noise has been reduced to a minimum. There are also important reasons why gamers tend to prefer these models.


If the gaming keyboard has mechanical features, it will have a slower response time. Also, while the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously on conventional keyboards is often limited to 6, on mechanical keyboards all keys can be pressed at the same time. This gives an advantage in games that require different key combinations. Along with the question of what a mechanical keyboard is, the features of these keyboards are often questioned.

What do mechanical keyboard switches mean?

The difference between mechanical keyboards is understood by the type of switch and its characteristics. These keyboards use a lot of switches and are categorized by color. But basically there are 3 main types of switches. These main types can be listed as follows:

  • A clicking switch that makes a clicking sound when the switch is moved
  • Tactile switch that detects feedback when the switch is moved
  • Linear switch that feels no feedback when the switch is moved

There are several different companies that make switches for mechanical keyboards. These companies typically classify switches as red, black, blue, green, brown, and white (or colorless). Although the values offered by each company vary, details such as feel, click, transition point, and keystroke time are taken into account when rating these switches.

What are the main differences between a mechanical keyboard and a normal keyboard?

There are very clear differences between normal keyboards and mechanical keyboards. The most important difference is that each key has its own mechanical key. Conventional keyboards have a plastic and membrane structure.

Durability and useful life:

Each key on conventional keyboards can withstand an average of 5 million keystrokes. For the little ones, this number can be as high as 60-80 million. This makes mechanical keyboards much stronger and more durable. This is the most important reason for preference.


The most important reason for the difference in service life and durability is the cost of production. While conventional keyboards can be produced at a lower cost, mechanical keyboards have a higher production cost. This, of course, is reflected in the sale prices. It is generally known that mechanical keyboards are expensive products. There is a significant price difference to regular keyboards, but given the lifespan this may prove to be a cheaper option in the long run.


There is a clear difference in weight between the two types of keyboards. Separate switches on each key on mechanical models add significant weight. Also, because the keys are larger, they are heavy. Normal keyboards are very light and easy to transport. However, the weight has the advantage that the keyboard does not slip, especially when gaming.


At first glance, you can understand whether it is a mechanical keyboard or a normal one. Because these two guys look different from each other. In mechanics, there is also a much wider variety of models. Special backlit mechanical keyboards are widely use.

Feedback time:

The response time that can be felt during use is also different for both keyboards. Mechanical models receive this feedback much faster. In fact, some models are very responsive and work without having to press the keys all the way down. While this feature is sometimes useful, it is a disadvantage for typing. For this reason, normal models are preferred over mechanical ones for write operations.

Variety of key features:

Conventional keyboards are designed to perform basic and simple operations. Therefore, they only have classic functions. Mechanical keyboards can have many function keys. These function keys are especially useful when playing games and can be used to quickly access common tasks.

key sound:

Key “click” sounds are one of the most distinctive features of mechanical keyboards. Although the volume of mechanical models depends on the type of switch, conventional keyboards are much quieter. For this reason, while conventional keyboards are preferred in an office environment, mechanical keyboards are mainly used for specific needs.

What to consider when buying a mechanical keyboard?

I mentioned that mechanical keyboards last longer but are more expensive. For this reason, you should be extremely cautious when purchasing. Since it will cost more than a regular keyboard, you need to choose a very high-quality product and take care of its long service life. At this point, it’s worth going for the highest-quality mechanical keyboard options over the affordable ones. Of course, you should also do some research on mechanical keyboard prices.

Selecting the keyboard you buy based on your purpose is important for efficiency. Although this type of keyboard is mostly preferred for gaming, it can also be preferred for basic work as it is extremely durable. If purchased for purposes such as writing, the keyboard features F and Q should be considered. The choice should be made according to the writing language to be used. Q keyboards are more suitable for gaming.


Another detail to take into account is the usability of the keyboard. Wireless mechanical keyboards, for example, are quite useful. It gives freedom of movement because it is not connected to the computer with a cable. Some models may have hotkeys for media control. Besides that, it is important to have a stylish design in terms of appearance. Finally, it is useful to look at ergonomic features for the health of the hands and wrists.

Your recommendation for affordable mechanical keyboard 2021:

Due to the development of technology and the diversification of technological products, a mechanical keyboard proposal made last year may not be valid for 2021. At this time, it is necessary to follow the technology well. The makes and models listed below cover the highest quality and most useful products, not the cheapest mechanical keyboards. You need to pay attention to these details, and not to cheapness when buying. Right now you can buy the best quality mechanical keyboards at the best prices at Avansas.

Trust 22895 Tural combo:

This mechanical keyboard comes with a mouse and is the perfect choice for gamers. The tricolor LED backlit product is equipped with 12 media access keys. It was designed to work and is plug-and-play.

Logitech MK330 Wireless Combo:

Part of Logitech’s mechanical keyboard models and often preferred, this product offers wireless connectivity. The Logitech keyboard, which can also be sold with a mouse, is very comfortable with a range of 10 meters and 10 programmable keys.

Microsoft M7J-00011 Wireless Desktop 2000:

Manufactured with Microsoft quality, this model can be preferred with minimal noise. It is a wireless model with a very resistant and durable construction. The model, equipped with encryption technology, is ideal for work and daily use, not for gaming.x

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