What One Needs to Know About Metabolism

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Several terms are spoken about widely. Metabolism is one such term. Surprisingly, a lot of people speak about it without knowing much about it. You must be convinced before you begin to blame or hold metabolism responsible for health issues. Information about metabolism is not hard to find though. You will be able to glean the required information from various sources including school textbooks, research studies, and books authored by scientists and doctors. It is most important to be well aware of the facts before making a statement or even discussing issues. 

What sort of information about metabolism do you want?

First things first! You must know about metabolism before you begin to argue about the details. It certainly helps to know that the term refers to a biochemical process that occurs within your body 24/7. It is a fairly complex procedure that transforms the nutrients from food into energy. The calories that you ingest are mixed with oxygen to release energy. Your body utilizes this energy to remain active

Purpose of Metabolism

Well, the basic purpose is to energize the body. It is interesting to note that the following functions become possible due to metabolism: 

  • Respiration or breathing 
  • Circulation of blood
  • Digestion of food
  • Growth & repair of cells
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Body temperature regulation

Significance of BMR

This is an oft-heard term that is an acronym for basal metabolic rate. It refers to the minimum calories that your body needs to function effectively even when you are not physically active. The quantity varies from person to person, however. It is important to remember that about 60% to 70% of the energy is used up when you are at rest. This is the BMR that fulfills the need. It is further important to learn that crash diets resulting in rapid weight loss will decrease the BMR substantially. However, this kind of aggressive weight loss will not continue and your body will plateau after a time with no weight loss being visible thereafter

Energy Usage

Apart from the energy used for passive yet essential bodily functions, about 10% of the remaining energy will fuel your body. The remaining energy will help you during physical activities

Metabolism & Weight

Unfortunately, many people blame metabolism for weight gain and health problems. However, this is not a fact. On the contrary, the process of metabolism continues unabated throughout your lifetime. Metabolism will regulate the rate according to your bodily needs. While you will lose weight by restricting calorie intake, too much of it will cause your body to balance the calories with no weight loss being evident 

Factors Affecting BMR

Several factors tend to affect your metabolism, particularly the BMR. You must be informed about the role of the following on your BMR: 

  • Muscle mass
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Genes
  • Physical Activity
  • Smoking

Your body is the best judge of adjusting your metabolism to ensure good health. You may find necessary information about metabolism that advises you to consult a medical professional when experiencing extreme fatigue or sudden weight loss. 

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