Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro

by Akmal

Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro

Although purchasing a secondhand phone involves some risk, those risks are reduced if you do it from a reputable seller. To get the most out of your phone, you should keep a few things in mind even if you buy a used or refurbished model.

Due to this, I won’t recommend doing certain activities when buy iPhone 12 Pro today. You may simply increase the lifespan of your refurbished iPhone 12 Pro by carefully following these recommendations.

I’ll discuss the following in this article:

  • What is a refurbished iPhone
  • Things you shouldn’t do with your refurbished iPhone 12 Pro

Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro

It’s critical to keep in mind that a refurbished iPhone is not a brand-new device when purchasing one. You should refrain from performing specific things in order to keep it in excellent shape. The following actions should be avoided if you own a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro:

1. Don’t Use It for High-Impact Activities

Your refurbished iPhone may not be as durable as a brand-new phone, so it’s best to avoid using it for activities that could damage it. This includes things like running or playing sports with it in your pocket. If you must use your phone for these activities, consider getting a case to protect it.

2. Don’t Expose It to Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures have the potential to harm your refurbished iPhone just like they might any other electronic gadget. Do not expose it to harsh temperatures or the sun for an extended length of time.

3. Don’t Use Unapproved Chargers or Cables

Use only cords and chargers that Apple has authorized for use with the iPhone. Utilizing cords or chargers that are not authorized might harm your phone or void its warranty.

4. Don’t Try to Repair It Yourself

If something goes wrong with your refurbished iPhone, you shouldn’t attempt to fix it yourself. For repairs, bring it to an Apple Store or an approved service provider. If you attempt to fix your phone yourself, you risk nullifying your warranty or further damaging it.

5. Don’t Drop It

Even a small drop onto your iPhone might cause damage. Avoid dropping your phone by being cautious with it. If you do drop it, go over it for any damage, and if there are any issues, take it to an Apple Store or an authorized service provider.

6. Don’t Use It in Wet Conditions

Avoid using your refurbished iPhone in moist environments as it is not waterproof. Places like the beach, pool, or bathtub are included in this. In case your phone becomes wet, dry it thoroughly with a soft, absorbent towel.

Your refurbished iPhone may become damaged and lose its warranty if it is exposed to liquids. When it’s raining or in other conditions where it can come in touch with water, avoid using your phone.

7. Don’t Put Pressure on the Screen

Your iPhone’s screen might become damaged if you apply pressure on it. Avert applying pressure to the screen or using anything pointed, such a pen or pencil. Only a soft, lint-free cloth should be used to clean the screen if necessary.

8. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals on Your Phone

Your refurbished iPhone may become damaged by harsh cleansers and chemicals. Use caution when using them near or on your phone. Cleaning supplies, aerosol spray paint, hairspray, and perfume are some examples of this.

9. Don’t Keep Your Phone in a Case That Doesn’t Allow Air to Circulate

Your phone might overheat if you keep it in a case that prevents airflow. This can violate your warranty and harm your phone. To keep your phone cool, get a case that lets air flow around it.

10. Don’t Use Unauthorized Accessories with Your Phone

Use only iPhone accessories that have been authorized by Apple. Employing unlicensed accessories might void your warranty or cause harm to your phone.

11. Don’t Block the Microphone or Speaker Openings

The quality of the sound during conversations or when using Siri might be affected if you cover up the microphone or speaker apertures on the bottom of your refurbished iPhone. When using your phone, make sure these gaps are not closed.

12. Don’t Place Your Phone Near Magnets

Your refurbished iPhone’s internal components and functionality may be harmed by magnets. Keep your phone away from magnets and from places with high magnetic fields.

13. Don’t Use Your Phone While It’s Charging

The battery of your phone might be harmed by use while it is charging, voiding your warranty. While your phone is hooked to a power source, avoid using it.

14. Don’t Charge Your Phone Overnight

Charging your phone overnight can damage the battery and void your warranty. Avoid leaving your phone plugged in for extended periods of time. Unplug it when it reaches 100% to prolong the life of the battery.

15. Don’t Attempt to Disassemble Your Phone

Your refurbished iPhone may get damaged if you attempt to disassemble it, and you risk losing your warranty. Take your phone to an Apple Store or an authorized service provider for repairs if something goes wrong with it.

16. Don’t Expose Your Phone to Dust or Dirt

The internal parts of your refurbished iPhone might be harmed by dust and debris, which can eventually lower its performance. Wipe your phone down with a gentle, lint-free cloth when it gets soiled.

17. Don’t Use Your Phone If the Screen Is Cracked or Shattered

Don’t use your refurbished iPhone if the screen is broken or cracked until it has been fixed. Using a phone with a cracked or broken screen might hurt you and severely harm your phone. As soon as you can, take your phone to an Apple Store or an authorized service provider for repair.


These are some suggestions on what not to do with your refurbished iPhone 12 Pro. This guide should enable you to stay clear of any potential issues and get the most of your gadget.

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