10 Best Safeties In Madden NFL 23, Ranked

by Akmal

The best ballhawks in the NFL have done it from the safety spot. When they get the chance, they’re also not afraid to throw hard hits.

In amateur leagues, the one kid who doesn’t belong in sports is put on the safety team. They are far from the line and are only there in case a play gets blown up. As a last resort, they don’t get much action and don’t have a good reputation. That’s not how Madden NFL 23 or football works, for that matter.

Instead, safeties are free to catch balls that are trying to go deep. In Madden NFL 23, they can cover any player they think could be a target. They also have the hardest hits on the field because they have so much room to run. Adults don’t put the worst players at safety. Instead, they put the best players there.

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