9 Best Teams In NHL 23, Ranked

by Akmal

There are a lot of teams in EA’s NHL 23, but the following are the best ones based on their team rating.

Electronic Arts has been a leader in sports games for more than forty years. Electronic Arts has a lot of big hits in the sports gaming genre, like NBA 2K, Madden, FIFA, the Need for Speed series, and NHL. These games are always getting new rosters, cool new features, and better graphics than the ones that came before.

NHL 23 just came out with a lot of new game features and abilities, as well as the best teams in the National Hockey League. Each team’s play style, strategies, and overall playing power are shown in a beautiful way. Players in the United States and Canada can choose from more than thirty teams. Each team has a detailed rating that makes them stand out and shows how good they are on the ice. Based on team rating, here are some of the best teams to play on in NHL 23.

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